What is charity?
We never have to answer to this question.
The charity for us is a noble cause, which involves the provision of charitable assistance to those in need. The charity in our company is both a sponsorship, a patronage of arts, voluntary donations and a social investment, but it does not mean that we transfer funds to unknown places.
Who Do We Help?
We render sponsor support and patronage assistance in response to real needs of orphanages, treatment and rehabilitation centers. We participate in charity runs in Russian, Ukrainian, European cities and Blood donation actions. We have established "Help to cancer-stricken children" foundation.

For over 20 years, charity in the Lenom Clinic and Dr. Nona International Ltd. has been a real process, supported by real people and real actions. What's more, the geography of our charity is extensive.

We invite you to join our "Leave a Trace!" charity program.
Dr. Nona. Look into a Child's Eyes.

Addressing childhood cancer issues.
Children's cancer fund.
Charity event - Mitinsky Orphanage (Tver Oblast)

A charity event organized by the Lenom clinic and Dr. Nona company in collaboration with The North Crown foundation.
Our Achievements
We invite you to join our "Leave a Trace!" charity program.
"Russkoye Pole" Health and Rehabilitation Research Center
Moscow Oblast, Chekhovsky District
Morozovskaya Municipal Children's Clinical Hospital

"Pesochnoye" Children's Oncology Center

St. Petersburg
Mitinsky Orphanage
Mitino, Tver Oblast
Maliutka Orpahange named after M. M. Horodetskyi
Vorzel, Kyiv Oblast

More than 20 years ago we established the Foundation "Help to Cancer-stricken Children in CIS countries". How did it start?
Actually we have devoted all our work in Dr. Nona Company to Anticancer Mission! We flew to Sankt-Petersburg for presentation. It was cold and cloudy. Gray sky pressed as a burden on shoulders. Therefore it felt miserable and I could not get rid of memories... Military Academy. I am waiting for surgery. Professor Kabakov doubts that the outcome will be good: the tumor is closely attached to carotid artery. My brooding was disturbed by the consultant: "Doctor Nona, could you please visit a girl? She is 8 and she is an orphan. She has acute lymphoblastic leukemia".

I want to give a brief explanation: an acute lymphoblastic leukemia, also known as ALL (initials of the disease) and sometimes it is called acute lymphatic leukemia is the malicious disease of the hematopoietic system. White blood cells, that is leukocytes suddenly stop maturing and fail to reach the state of fully functional work cells. Instead they start quick and uncontrollable fission. The hematopoietic system glitches more and more: sick cells displace healthy ones and take their place in bone marrow. The sick child has neither healthy white blood cells, nor red blood cells (erythrocyte), nor blood disks (platelets). Therefore, the children may develop anemia, various infectious complications (infection) and frequent bleeding.
We visited the girl late in the evening. We got permission for a short visit with difficulty. Olya (that was the girl's name) was in the bed facing the wall. She was so pale that looked as a shadow against the washed out gray bed sheets. Sharp distributor, Aleksey, who kept a vigil at her bed, exclaimed loudly: "Olya, Doctor Nona herself is visiting you!" The girl turned around and looked at us hopelessly. She was undergoing chemotherapy. They have been looking for a donor for bone marrow replacement. Then I was stricken by two things: self-organized twenty-four hour duty of our distributors and that the child was in the corridor, in a draft, as there was no room in the wards.

We thank everybody who is with us!
I took Olya by her transparent hand and said, holding back the tears: "Everything will be fine, Olenka! You will win!" On the way back to the hotel, the tear were pouring down my eyes. I lied to Olya!

She died in 2 weeks. And then we established our Foundation, where we transfer funds from: 1% of sales. This is over 10 million US dollars assigned to the foundation. We don't give money, we allocate Dr. Nona medications that ease chemotherapy, radiotherapy and rehabilitate children in remission. Also we arrange planned purchase of required medical equipment and the items requested by cancer hospitals. Today, with our strong "Anticancer Mission" movement, we develop skin cancer cure!

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